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The well known and super tasty Gocciole Cookies chocolate biscuits are introduced by Pavesi. Pavesi is an Italian crackers, breakfast biscuits, and snacks producer company, which was founded in Novara in 1937. The Gocciole wild cookies from Italy are the complete breakfast or snack cookies to have on! The super tasty cookies made with whole wheat flour 32.2%, Wheat flour, 14.6% dark chocolate, Sunflower oil, sugar, salt, Vanilla aroma to make the delicious cookies! Order Gocciole Pavesi now!
Gocciole Pavesi cookies are made to taste and enjoy, this kind of love is meant to be shared!
Pavesi Gocciole Wild biscuits are made with Wholemeal Flour and Dark Chocolate.
Product of the brand Pavesi which were introduced in 1937, Gocciole Pavesi, the cookies from Italy represents a long history of Italian excellence!
Gocciole Cookies are made with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Gocciole Wild, 350 g

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