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The iconic Cremino Pernigotti praline becomes a delicious spreadable cream, the first and only one with two layers rich in flavor: one of gianduia and one of hazelnut. 30% Hazelnuts and 15% Gianduja chocolate spread.

A creamy pleasure based on only natural ingredients, enclosed in an elegant packaging perfect for treat yourself and give as gifts.

Pernigotti Gianduia Nero Chocolate Spread

A delicious spreadable cream inspired by the traditional Gianduiotto Pernigotti, prepared with ingredients of the highest quality and a high amount of hazelnuts and cocoa.

Ingredients: sugar, hazelnuts (18%), skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural flavours. (Hazelnuts: 30% of the total product).
Without palm oil, gluten-free, contains hazelnuts and can trigger allergies.

Pernigotti cream cremino spread, 350g

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