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Italian Organic Plum Jam - simply organic Italian plums and apple juice for a jam that has a lovely clean, fresh taste of plums. No added sugar. A classic for all types of bread, cakes and tarts, or gently heat and pour over vanilla ice-cream.The Rigoni family first started producing preserves almost 100 years ago when the company was founded by grandmother, Nonna Elisa. After the First World War, the young widowed mother of nine hungry children used her late husband’s beekeeping skills to start her own small business with her eldest sons, Mario and Paolo. Today, Nonna Elisa’s family run the company inherited from their grandmother with her same enthusiasm and love for nature. 250gRigoniProduct of ItalyIngredients: Organic Plums, Organic Apple Juice, Pectin. Gluten Free


About the producer:

Choosing organic without compromising in taste means believing in a better, sustainable future and this is a path that Rigoni di Asiago has chosen many years ago.

Their story begins in 1923 among the pristine green mountains of Asiago - Italy, when “Grandma Elisa” driven by her passion and love for nature starts the production of her honey. 

Since then the Company has always chosen to work with high-quality organic ingredients to offer products that are good for people and fair for the environment. 

Today, all their products are produced using only fruit and raw materials coming from organic crops and hives.  

The Company is also committed in reducing the environmental impact of production, limiting the consumption of fossil fuel and avoiding the intensive use of land and water. As a matter of fact the energy used during their productive process comes from renewables sources, such as wind and solar energy.  

Every product packaging is designed to ensure the total recovery of each component thus it it 100% recyclable. 

Rigoni worldwide success was determined by the deep connection with their origins, the aim to preserve intact the flavours of the past, their love for the environment and their high standards guaranteed by strict controls and certifications. 


Our recommendation:

ideal for filling your cakes, croissants, to spread on bread and butter or rusks, for preparing your smoothies, or add in your plain yogurt. The gourmet touch: pair with aged cheese  

for an excellent contrast between sweet and savoury. 


Directions of use:

Store in a cool dry place. 

Once opened keep refrigerated at the temperature of 4°C (39.2 F) and consume within a few days. 



mixed wild berries* 65% (variable portion of: blueberries*, strawberries*, blackberries*, red berries*, blackcurrants*, raspberries*, gooseberries*, rose hip*, cranberries*, red currants*); apple juice concentrate*; gelling agent: pectin


Rigoni marmellata Bio plum, 250g

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