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An “Opera d’Acqua” born from nature and molded in a bottle signed by Giorgetto Giugiaro: 105 drops of design that accompany S.Bernardo in restyling the brand and the bottles of glass and PET.

S. Bernardo is an mineral mineral water that is minimally mineralized, as its fixed residue, among the lowest among Italian waters, of only 35.5 mg / L, makes it very light.

S. Bernard water is characterized by a low content of sodium, potassium, magnesium and a reduced fixed residue (34.5 mg / L), which place it among the minimally mineralized waters. For this reason it is commonly called “light” water, precisely because of its low salt concentration.

S.Bernardo Sorgente Rocciaviva is water with high diuretic properties because it is quickly absorbed and eliminated by the body: this favours the drainage of nitrogenous waste (urea) and prevents, thanks to the modest amount of hydrocarbonate, the formation of calculations. Its rapid assimilation and absorption, combined with low mineralization, making it suitable for feeding newborns, especially in the dilution of milk and food.

The sparkling version, with light and unmistakable gassing, is the natural complement of taste.

San Bernardo water, 1.5 litres bottle

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