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10 Bottles of 10cl each!

From the producer of the world famous Sanpellegrino Fruit Beverages with its signature Limonata and Aranciata sparkling drinks, Sanbitter Rosso is a non-alcoholic aperitif beverage that is full of flavour, intense red colour, sparkling taste and cheerful personality. 

First introduced in 1961, Sanbitter Rosso is now officially available in the UK for you to enjoy it in the late afternoon or early evening. It is a great mixer for your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails and mocktails. Comes in a handy 10cl format - just right for many cocktail and mocktail recipes.
Its unmistakable taste is pleasantly bitter, with the balanced sweetness, packed with fruit flavours and spices. 

Discover Sanbitter Rosso and be inspired to transform every aperitif into a pleasant and intense moment.

The bottle is fully recyclable 

Unmistakable taste, Sparkling aperitif, pleasantly bitter with balanced sweetness, packed with fruit flavours and spices, handy format

Sanbitter San Pellegrino, 10x10

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